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Selling your property

Looking to sell your property in a short period of time and in a friendly way? As a professional organization Aruba Living Today will take care of that. We have the know-how and skills to publish the property the best way possible.

The property will be published on www.livingtoday.aw / www.realaruba.estate/ www.casnan.com through direct mailing to the companies on the island and abroad through our global networking. This way we create a higher coverage for publishing the property. Even in our database of interested parties, we check daily for the right match. When we find a potential buyer, we will visit the property and take care of all additional matters and inform the potential buyer of all information required.

Before we market a property, we discuss all matters about the property with the seller and we and discuss a sales plan. Not every property is the same of course. Through our experience, knowledge of the local/ international market and our contacts with our colleague realtors in Aruba, we guarantee you that your property will be offered for the right price.

As soon as there is an agreement with the buyer, we will draw up and sign the contract of sales in consultation with the seller. We are there to assist you anytime during the whole sale process of the property.

Review by Luis and Marcela who bought a house through Aruba Living Today “Aruba Living Today is a the one-stop-shop for relocating to and living in Aruba”

For more information about the above-mentioned information and/or other services of Aruba Living Today, please contact us at 5879987 or info@livingtoday.aw