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Exclusive Villa Esmeralda - Aruba Living Today

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Exclusive Villa Esmeralda - Esmeralda

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Vacation Rental NA - Exclusive Villa
4 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms1 Garage Print / PDF


Beautiful modern villa located in the exclusive neighborhood of Esmeralda in the northern part of Aruba.
The villa is located just a few minutes away of the beautiful beaches Malmok and Arashi.
The exclusive Tierra del Sol 18 holes golfcourse and resort is just around the corner.

This flamboyant villa has a beautiful landscaped front and back yard with a spacious pool. In the garden you will feel a comfortable wind while enjoying the pool under the sun. Do you like shadow more? Than the two large patios with a dining and sitting area is perfect for you!!

The living, dining and foyer areas are complemented by 4 large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
All bedrooms have their own A/C and the living, dining and kitchen have their own central A/C.
The spacious open kitchen has all appliances (dishwasher/stove/microwave/fridge and a kitchen island
The property also offers a two car garage with a lot of space.

The home has been maintained in excellent condition.

Prices will follow soon


For appointments please call :

Randolph Arends 593-9177 – randolph@livingtoday.aw

Vicky Wesseling 5946161 – vicky@livingtoday.aw

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